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Bar Peeler


Specializing in solutions for straightening,

peeling, and material handling.

Whether it is a straightener on a truck or a peeler for large diameter titanium tubes. Medart's engineering team will work with you to find the solutions



Utilizing our experience in machining for

Medart Equipment and Fabrication.

We now offer contract manufacturing for one-off

parts or production runs of the same part.

With Medart's expansive list of machine tools,

we have the right equipment for the job.



Our professional fabrication services provide American-made quality to meet the needs of our customers; whether it be for existing drawings or design-build needs. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product in a timely manner.



At Medart processing we offer a wide

range of solutions to our customers.

From process development of new-age materials to full product conversion services, we lead the industry in our ability to meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations.  



We pride ourselves in our ability to remanufacture

a diverse amount of equipment.

Complete refurbishment of early 20th-century machinery, to reverse engineering equipment from the more modern age in need of repair and overhaul, our in-house engineers and technicians can provide you with reliable machinery updated with 21st-century safety and science.

Straightener Rolls


Medart offers the highest-quality rolls on the market, made from superior raw materials and offered at a value-oriented price. We’ve designed and built rolls for all major straightener brands, even those no longer in existence, and we understand that your time and materials are too valuable to depend on inferior rolls.



We lead the industry in our ability to produce spare parts for our customers whether they be unique one-off items or OEM. Offering expedited delivery available for breakdowns, we are the most trusted source for bar processing machinery replacement components in the United States and abroad.


Our service technicians/engineers offer practical and timely assistance, whether in our customers' plants or from Medart headquarters. This includes maintenance and repair, installation assistance for equipment setting and alignment, start-up assistance, and control system optimization on-site or wirelessly. 

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